New Information Regarding Foundation and Concrete Repair Methods

New Information Regarding Foundation and Concrete Repair Methods

A lot of misinformation regarding foundation and concrete repair methods is over the internet. Many concrete repair contractors recommend their most expensive package but most homeowners don’t really need it. This article will help you identify which concrete repairs are best for you.

Keep in mind that different soils and foundation design demands different concrete repair methods. There is no single magic repair that can fix all kinds of problems across America. Below is a list of the most complex but common questions that most homeowners want to ask their contractor.

What’s the best foundation repair system?

The best foundation repair system depends entirely on the soil where the pier is. Many times, contractors will stop pushing downward once their pier system has failed. This means that the pier system can’t be drilled further downward. However, this does’t mean that the foundation is strong enough. Moisture variation and bed rock rigidity factors in in regards to the solidity of the foundation. To make sure that your foundation is adequately strong, you need to test the soil and determine how deep you need to drill for the foundation pier system.

Is mud jacking the best way to lift a foundation?

Mud jacking is a great foundation repair solution but it is dependent on the type of soil. You almost always require an installation of piers and pilings driven into deep strata to get a longer lasting repair solution.

Do we really need void filling?

The void under a slab foundation must always be filled once the house foundation has been lifted. Most foundation repair companies will seldom fill the void, citing soil expansion as good enough solution. Failure to fill the void will force expansive clay up through the floor during wet periods. You need a proper void filling after the house has been lifted to rid of this problem,

Are concrete piers best because they won’t rust?

Many contractors only promote concrete foundation leveling systems citing that it is better than many other options. Many would say that steel piers will rust overtime and this will lead to weaker strength. Surprisingly, this is rarely an issue since steel rusting underground is very uncommon, even unheard of by some.

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