Akron Foundation Services provides residential and commercial mudjacking services for patios, sidewalks, concrete slabs, driveways, and foundations.

Mudjacking is a process which is used to level concrete slabs or sinking driveways. Akron Foundation Repair will calculate how much the concrete needs repairing and will determine if mudjacking would be the perfect solution or not. We utilize mudjacking to stabilize or lift concrete areas around commercial buildings or homes. No matter how big the problem is, Akron Foundation Repair is the company you need to hire for concrete repair and other foundation repair services.

When the soil beneath sidewalks, walkways and driveways starts to shift from its original position, the concrete will start to ‘sink’. When this happens, you will have uneven concrete and that just isn’t appealing at all. And upon everything else, it is a safety problem as well. Fixing these concrete problems is important to make sure that the safe living environment prevails. Children and elderly adults can very easily hurt themselves because of the uneven concrete issue, so it is in everyone’s best interest to repair the sinking concrete as soon as possible.

Mudjacking works for all types of situations such as concrete slabs. A problem that often occurs is that there is a void underneath the area. And because of this void, the sinking problem occurs. Once we fill this void, the concrete slab will be raised back to its original elevation. So, whether you need a deck, driveway or sidewalk lifted, Akron Foundation Repair is here to help you out.

Why hire us and avail our mudjacking services?

When you go for mudjacking services, you don’t need to get the concrete or landscaping replaced and bear expensive costs. Usually, mudjacking is ¼ less than the cost of concrete replacement. If you don’t have a badly damaged concrete, then there is no reason for you to get it replaced. If you have been looking to fix your sidewalks, concrete or walkways, contact Akron Foundation Repair mudjacking and concrete repair services.

Sunken or uneven concrete in unsightly and unsafe, but repairing it is not that difficult. Mudjacking is a slab and foundation repair technique for stabilizing and lifting settling concrete slabs. At Akron Foundation Repair, we offer you with cost effective mudjacking solutions for your sinking driveway or sidewalks. Whether its safety reasons or aesthetic; mudjacking is a smart and cost-effective way to raise your sunken driveways, basement floors, patios and sidewalks.

Mudjacking is a practical, inexpensive and proven solution for taking care of sinking concrete, and is the best alternative for concrete replacement. During the process of mudjacking concrete, the slabs are floated up in small increments. This allows a controlled lift and offers the best protection for the concrete. At Akron Foundation Repair, we have the best and most experienced professionals who understand how the job needs to be done. They are well aware of the right mix of equipment and materials that should be used in the process for protecting the integrity of the concrete, without causing any damage to other structures close by.

The professionals at Akron Foundation Repair drill a series of 1 inch diameter holes through the slab. After that, limestone-based slurry is hydraulically pumped beneath the slab. The material used here then makes its way to the voided areas and restores the sub surface. As a result of this procedure, a new and stable sub surface is effectively created. After the job is done, the concrete can be immediately used.

Mudjacking is not something that is a ‘do-it-yourself’ job. It requires trained professionals having experience and special equipment Akron Foundation Repair is a trusted concrete leveling contractor. Contact us today if you are in need of lifting sidewalks or driveways.

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