Foundation Repairs

Foundation Repairs

repair old urban house foundationHomeowners can very easily identify that they are having concrete foundation issues when they see cracks in the basement, either on the floor or the foundation wall. These cracks are usually caused by thermal movement, drying shrinkage or other causes. With time, foundation cracks widen and that results in wet basements or other severe structural problems. Slab and foundation cracks are not appealing to the eye, and they also lower the value of your home and lead to maintenance issues.

There are a number of methods for repairing unstable and cracked foundations. These repair methods are usually called as underpinning, foundation lifting, underpinning and foundation stabilization. Because of the complex nature of these problems, repairing them in the right manner is very important. Akron Foundation Repair first evaluates your foundation and then offers you the best and most cost-effective solution for your particular situation.

Basement Warning Signs

  • Cracks in block or poured walls
  • Cracked floors
  • Walls leaning in or out
  • Water stains on walls and floors
  • Bowed walls
  • Water leaking for cracks at base of walls

Akron Foundation Repair is here to help you out when you are having cracks in basement floors or basement walls. We have the experience needed, offer proven results and have a record of achieving supreme customer satisfaction. So, are you worried about having foundation problems in your basement? With our services, you can easily get a structural technician who will solve your foundation problems. Normally, not all the home we visit are in need of a repair, but those homes that are, we provide them with a number of programs to make sure that they receive long-lasting repairs.

Why should you get your foundation repaired?

  • Use of space
  • Restored property value
  • Safety
  • Improved interior and exterior appearance
  • Improved door and window operation

Akron Foundation Repair offers lifetime warranty; we stand by our work and our services are backed up by a warranty. The equipment and products that we use are the best in the business, so there is no need for you to settle for less. The technicians that we have are certified, trained and experienced.

The basement of our home is a kind of base of our home, and if its floors or walls start to have cracks; then there is a serious problem. We all know that home ownership is certainly an accomplishment one should take pride in. Taking care of your home and making sure that it’s around for a long time is very important. Do not think that you can avoid the cracking walls and floors of your basement, because that is not a smart move.

Akron Foundation Repair provides you with the best experts who will identify and suggest you ways for fixing your foundation issues and repair basement leaks before they start spreading. The foundation and waterproofing services which we provide are the best as compared to other companies. We welcome the opportunity to meet your foundation repair needs.

From sinking floors to cracked walls, we have a solution for your foundation. Here at Akron Foundation Repair, there are no foundation problems in your home that we can’t fix! The methods that we use for repairing your cracked basement floors and walls have proven results, and we offer warranted foundation repairs as well. Our aim is to make sure that the home which we repair is safe for living and permanently stabilized. So, if you come across any revealing signs of foundation problems, contact us now and we will assist you.

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