Concrete Leveling

Concrete Leveling

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Does your sidewalk, walkway, driveway, patio or concrete steps have problems? Are their areas where you find sunken concrete or uneven surfaces? Do people often trip because of this issue? This is a very noticeable problem, but in fact has a very simple solution.

Are you wondering why you’re outdoor concrete sinks in the first place? The main reason is because concrete is heavy. There are soils underneath a concrete slab, and when they sink, they are unable to support the weight of the slab. As a result of that, the concrete ends up sinking. If soils are supporting some part of the concrete slab while the other selections are not, the unsupported sections will start to crack and you will have to deal with uneven concrete.

Here are some signs to indicate that your concrete is sinking:

  • Cracking and sinking sections of slabs
  • Repeated cracking of concrete slabs
  • Sinking concrete steps or sidewalks
  • Washout of soils under concrete slabs
  • Concrete patios and driveways sinking or tilting down

Sinking concrete can turn driveways, concrete floors and sidewalks into unattractive safety hazards. This can turn out to be a real problem if you are:

  • Preparing your home for sale to give a great first impression
  • Concerned about visitors tripping in your property
  • Or simply because you want to take care of your home

With Akron Foundation Repair & Concrete Leveling, leveling your concrete is a simple and affordable job. We specialize in commercial and residential concrete leveling services of patios, concrete slabs, driveways, foundations, garages, steps, street and warehouses.

Saving the concrete that is left is the most smart and economical way to have a safe, even surface. When you get a concrete slab leveled before it gets too much damaged, you are making sure that the existing concrete will remain put for years to come. Along with saving the costs as compared to concrete replacement, concrete leveling also takes less time in leveling the concrete.

Issues that can be caused by uneven concrete, The issues caused by uneven concrete are:

  • Tripping hazards for guests and family members
  • High liability for homeowners in case an injury occurs due to tripping
  • Cosmetic issues because the uneven concrete is unsightly
  • High risk of drainage problems and other issues that are caused by puddles and runoff in certain areas
  • Difficulty with mowers, trimmers, snow blowers, edgers and snow shovels.
  • Broken edges and corners of concrete surfaces that are the result of movement or void in the foundation

Akron Foundation Repair & Concrete Leveling provides you with the complete concrete leveling solution. Leveling the concrete involves lifting the slab up in small boosts, which permits a controlled lift and gives the ultimate protection for the concrete. We offer you with the best concrete leveling services one can find. We have a team of professionals who are experienced and trained, and know exactly what to do. They know what equipment and material needs to be used and complete the task in no time. With our services, you can be sure that the integrity of the concrete will remain protected and nearby structures would not be damaged.

The material and equipment used by Akron Foundation Repair & Concrete Leveling is of top quality and we used the right methods of leveling your concrete. We are the best there is when it comes to leveling the concrete; our services are proven, trusted, reliable, safe and affordable.

So, whenever you are in need of getting your concrete floor leveled, contact us and we will fix that problem for you. Akron Foundation Repair & Concrete Leveling is your go to company when it comes to leveling concrete.

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